Friday, May 30, 2008

Hall of the Moon

Hall of the Moon Within this Great Hall, abide all our houses.
To giggles and whispers, my mind arouses.
I wander among them, loving the weaving,
And in my mind, tis well, I'm never leaving!
I love to run, till my leaping turns to flight.
With this joy, I visit homes all through the night.
Some, I find are occupied, and work to draw me in.
Some, behind their walls, wail,and moan within.
Too, some press upon me, eager for their fill.
I wriggle, writhe, forceful, free myself until
I float above, to see horror on their faces.
Surprised, as my mouth sounds forth my graces.
Voice sounds forth, and deep within is shouted out.
I fly for fun, as they flee, I'm free from fraught!
I see them run, and know that they must heed me.
Unheard, I know They weave it, that They see me.

Come through Their places, decisions in my mind
Journey done, I roam, till woods of home I find.
I clear the room of my home within the loom.
Swept corners, ceilings to floors, set aside my broom.
Prepared, I sit within my home upon the stone.
My mind, heart, eyes, Their tools, so Vor is shown.
Ready now, soon Dawn will break upon my door
To bring me back beneath the sun evermore.
Knowing I must leave and cannot stay,
I waken and wash to meet the day.

Sitting by the side of the tides of my mind,
I remember the weaving,and faith I find.
So I know I have to go.
The light is lit, my way to show,
To go along till turns I know.

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