Thursday, April 17, 2008


There is a wide spectrum of roots that create the foundation for our behavior, that each person receives from their parents and society. Whether it is an orthodox religion that is well disciplined or a free thinking impulsive ideal based on egotistical satisfaction, it is well ingrained in our minds by adulthood. So much so that it's difficult to seperate the religion from the man. It is within his fiber.

There are times men even have a hard time accepting facts when they don't support their idealism. And how quick are we to accept mere speculations when they support our biases? We would all do well to acknowledge our biases and how they effect our receptivity to information, to know ourselves, to clarify the bias of positions we have. If we can acknowledge the bias we can consider the weight of it. We can set it aside in an objective manner.

When my forefathers seperated church and state they knew the oppression of being ruled by opinion. Puritans knew the wrong opinion could get a death sentence. Today we're not afraid of being burned like John Hooper, who stood his ground with his faith and faced death for it. We are not being burned by the Catholics anymore.

We have modern methods of dying for beliefs. Opinions still kill, and objectivity is something I only practice. I love holding onto my own beliefs. It is my spirit as it has descended down through time to now.

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