Friday, April 18, 2008

Fate and Wyrd

Weird it is, and Fate I call it because it is a popular term and my mother used it. But Fates are a Greek concept that implies some other entities are in control over one's life. The concept of Wyrd is from the north and is understood as a part of a complex primal layering called oorlog, literally "primal layers". It is what is built upon a generation, each in turn creating practical limits and specific situations. It is what is. We all help to continually create it.

I hold reverence to Her in life with the supernatural reference, as Mother Wyrd. It is supernatural, because it requires a superior knowledge base to explain the nature of it. The Web of Wyrd is a tapestry far more complex than the spider's web. It is the connections of our metaphysical biofields. It is the astral plane where dreams are shown.

When I see a dream come true I wonder at the potential of this unknown, the depth of the Hall of the Moon. I like to think my mysticism is pragmatic. I'm sure that in our dreams we travel and communicate within the web because I remember bringing back truth and photographic memories of future events that came true. It seems somehow in the web, time can bend.

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