Friday, April 11, 2008

Building Walls

Yes, I've been criticized among Heathens many times. Not just for my wording when describing philosophy, but even for my questions. No worries. It's a process. It's challenging dealing with so much freedom of religion in this melting pot called America. I am thankful for this freedom, for the time to awaken and shrug off the veil of Christianity. Heathens need their roots and work to reconstruct what has survived the Inquisition of the Church.

Part of this reconstruction effort requires building walls. There has to be boundaries and common ground for there to be culture. Our elders and scholars must clear the way and provide us with the tools to continue their work. It has been good for me to focus on this path to Asgard, where the walls are being built anew. Sure, it's neat to hear about some South American shamanic journey once in a while. But, my heart and soul needs my own roots from the European culture I come from.

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