Saturday, April 19, 2008

Verses on Fate

Two verses from the Poetic Eddas, as translated by Carolyne Larrington.
From, "First Poem of Helgi Hundingsbani".

2 Night fell on the place, the norns came,
those who were to shape fate for the prince;
they said the prince should be most famous
and that he'd be thought the best of warriors.

3 They twisted very strongly the strand of fate,
.... in Bralund;
they prepared the golden thread
and fastened it in the middle of the moon's hall.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fate and Wyrd

Weird it is, and Fate I call it because it is a popular term and my mother used it. But Fates are a Greek concept that implies some other entities are in control over one's life. The concept of Wyrd is from the north and is understood as a part of a complex primal layering called oorlog, literally "primal layers". It is what is built upon a generation, each in turn creating practical limits and specific situations. It is what is. We all help to continually create it.

I hold reverence to Her in life with the supernatural reference, as Mother Wyrd. It is supernatural, because it requires a superior knowledge base to explain the nature of it. The Web of Wyrd is a tapestry far more complex than the spider's web. It is the connections of our metaphysical biofields. It is the astral plane where dreams are shown.

When I see a dream come true I wonder at the potential of this unknown, the depth of the Hall of the Moon. I like to think my mysticism is pragmatic. I'm sure that in our dreams we travel and communicate within the web because I remember bringing back truth and photographic memories of future events that came true. It seems somehow in the web, time can bend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


There is a wide spectrum of roots that create the foundation for our behavior, that each person receives from their parents and society. Whether it is an orthodox religion that is well disciplined or a free thinking impulsive ideal based on egotistical satisfaction, it is well ingrained in our minds by adulthood. So much so that it's difficult to seperate the religion from the man. It is within his fiber.

There are times men even have a hard time accepting facts when they don't support their idealism. And how quick are we to accept mere speculations when they support our biases? We would all do well to acknowledge our biases and how they effect our receptivity to information, to know ourselves, to clarify the bias of positions we have. If we can acknowledge the bias we can consider the weight of it. We can set it aside in an objective manner.

When my forefathers seperated church and state they knew the oppression of being ruled by opinion. Puritans knew the wrong opinion could get a death sentence. Today we're not afraid of being burned like John Hooper, who stood his ground with his faith and faced death for it. We are not being burned by the Catholics anymore.

We have modern methods of dying for beliefs. Opinions still kill, and objectivity is something I only practice. I love holding onto my own beliefs. It is my spirit as it has descended down through time to now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are you a Heretic Among Heathens?

You are a Heretic Among Heathens
If you believe death is the end.
If you think it's a sin to spill some wine.
If you're a gluttonous pig.
If you are not concerned.
If you think Asatru is like anything else.
If you don't stay loyal to your family.
If you feel guilty for being white.
If you think you're a vampire.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Building Walls

Yes, I've been criticized among Heathens many times. Not just for my wording when describing philosophy, but even for my questions. No worries. It's a process. It's challenging dealing with so much freedom of religion in this melting pot called America. I am thankful for this freedom, for the time to awaken and shrug off the veil of Christianity. Heathens need their roots and work to reconstruct what has survived the Inquisition of the Church.

Part of this reconstruction effort requires building walls. There has to be boundaries and common ground for there to be culture. Our elders and scholars must clear the way and provide us with the tools to continue their work. It has been good for me to focus on this path to Asgard, where the walls are being built anew. Sure, it's neat to hear about some South American shamanic journey once in a while. But, my heart and soul needs my own roots from the European culture I come from.